Commands Usage Description Permission Required
helpale!helpBrings you to this page.None
createdatale!createdat <ID>Get the date an ID was created.None
pingale!pingChecks the bot's ping to Discord servers.None
statsale!statsShow stats for the bot.None
serverale!server [Server ID]Get information about a server the bot is in.None
userale!user [User ID]Get information about a user.None
spotifyale!spotify [User ID]Get Spotify information, if the user is listening to Spotify.None
alertale!alert [Message]Alerts the bot owner that you have an issue.None
banale!ban <User> [Reason]Bans a user.Ban Members
banidale!banid <User ID> [Reason]Bans a user using their ID, regardless of if they are in the server.Ban Members
kickale!kick <User> [Reason]Kicks a user.Kick Members
softbanale!softban <User> [Reason]Bans and then unbans a user to kick them, but clear their messages.Ban Members
unbanale!unban <User ID> [Reason]Unbans a user.Ban Members
serverimageale!serverimage <URL>Change the server's image.Manage Server
pruneale!prune [Amount] [User/User ID/all/bot]Clears messages in bulk.Manage Messages
reactionsale!reactionsManages reactions on messages.Manage Messages
ale!reactions add <Message ID> <Emote>Adds an emote to a message, if the bot has access to it.
ale!reactions remove <Message ID>Removes all reactions on a message
eale!eManage emotes on the current server.Manage Emojis
ale!e add <URL> <Name>Adds an emote to the current server.
ale!e del <Name>Deletes an emote from the current server.
ale!e rep <URL> <Name>Replaces an emote on the current server.
ale!e steal {Emotes}Steals an emote to add to the current server. May take awhile.
osuale!osu <standard/mania/taiko/catch> {osu! User}Get stats on a player in osu!None
profileale!profile <User>Grabs a user's profile, or makes one if they don't have one.None
setdescale!setdesc {Description}Sets your description.None
marryale!marry <User>Send a request to marry someone. <3None
divorceale!divorceDivorce whoever you are currently married to. </3None
givekudosale!givekudos <User>Give kudos to a user.None
remindale!remind <Amount> <Time Unit> {Reminder Text}Sends you a reminder after a specified amount of time.None
unremindale!unremindRemoves all upcoming reminders.None
+tagale!+tag <Name> {Tag Text}Adds a tag to the server.Manage Messages
-tagale!-tag <Name>Removes a tag from the server.Manage Messages
tagale!tag <Name> [User]Triggers a tag on the server.None
tagsale!tagsLists all available tags on the server.None
catale!catGet an image of a kitty!None
dogale!dogGet an image of a puppo!None
payale!pay <User> <Amount>A joke pay command.None
8ballale!8ball {Question}Ask the mystical 8ball a question!None
rateale!rate <User>Rate someone on the Waifu Scale™ *results may not be accurate.None
biteale!bite [User]Bite someone.None
cuddleale!cuddle [User]Cuddle up with someone.None
flirtale!flirt [User]Flirt with someone.None
hugale!hug [User]Hug someone.None
kissale!kiss [User]Kiss someone.None
lewdale!lewd [User]How lewd.None
lickale!lick [User]Lick someone.None
patale!pat [User]Pat someone's head.None
pokeale!poke [User]Poke someone.None
punchale!punch [User]Punch someone.None
sobale!sob [User]Showcase how sad you are because of someone.None
slapale!slap [User]Slap someone.None
Owner Only
botale!botManages settings for the bot.Owner
ale!bot inviteGets the bot's invite URL.Owner
ale!bot avatar <URL>Changes the bot's avatar.Owner
ale!bot username {New Username}Changes the bot's usernameOwner
ale!bot dieShuts down the bot, or restarts it if running in a setup that auto-restarts the bot.Owner
ale!bot updateUpdates the bot through git. Based on whatever repository the bot was cloned from, if none, this command will fail.Owner
cogale!cogManage cogs loaded in the bot.Owner
ale!cog load <Cog>Loads a cog into the bot from the mods folder.Owner
ale!cog unload <Cog>Unloads a cog from the bot. If trying to unload the Cog Loader, this command will fail.Owner
ale!cog reload <Cog>Reloads a cog loaded into the bot.Owner
ale!cog listLists all currently loaded cogs in the bot.Owner
setattribale!setattrib <User> <Attribute> {Content}Manage user profiles in the bot.Owner