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 +{{  https://​just-some-bots.github.io/​MusicBot/​images/​arch.png?​75x75}}
 +====== Arch ======
 +Installation on Arch is majorly untested and is not officially supported due to issues. Please keep this in mind when seeking support.
 +<code bash>
 +# Update system packages
 +sudo pacman -Syu
 +# Install dependencies
 +sudo pacman -S git python python-pip opus libffi libsodium ncurses gdbm glibc zlib sqlite tk openssl ffmpeg
 +# Clone the MusicBot to your home directory
 +cd ~
 +git clone https://​github.com/​Just-Some-Bots/​MusicBot.git MusicBot -b master
 +cd MusicBot
 +# Install dependencies
 +sudo pip install --upgrade pip
 +sudo pip install --upgrade -r requirements.txt
 +Once everything has been completed, you can go ahead and configure the bot and then run with ''​./​run.sh''​.